Licenses, Permits, & Inspections

The Marietta / Belpre Board of Health can issue licenses for the following:

  • Food Service Operations
  • Retail Food Establishments
  • Mobile Food Service Operations
  • Mobile Retail Food Establishments
  • Vending Machine Locations
  • Temporary Food Service Operations
  • Temporary Retail Food Establishments
  • Public Swimming Pools and Spas
  • RV Parks
  • Body Art facilities

We offer city permits for:

  • Annual Plumber Licenses
  • Private Waste Water System Permits and Evaluations
  • Vector-Borne Diseases Surveillance and Control
  • Including but not limited to: Animal Bites, Rabies, and Mosquito Control for West-Nile Virus, Tick Submission for Lyme Disease, Rocky-Mountain Spotted Fever, etc

We offer inspections for:

  • Rental Housing Inspections (on complaint basis)
  • Residential and Commercial Plumbing Permits and Inspections
  • School Environment/Safety Inspections

Other Functions and Services:

  • Emergency Disaster Response Team
  • Nuisance Complaints for licensed facilities and sewage. All other complaints must go through the City of Marietta Code Enforcement Officer- Wayne Rinehart 740-373-9355,
  • Fo the City of Belpre Code Enforcement Officer, contact Leonard Wiggins -740-423-7592 or email

Useful Phone Numbers and Website Links

Ohio Department of Health

(614) 466-1390

Ohio Department of Health

Center for Disease Control

(970) 221-6400

Environmental Protection Agency

(740) 385-8501

If you have any questions, please contact:

Barbara Bradley
(740) 373-0611 ext. 2303